Bihar State Symbols: Animal, Bird, Flower And Tree

Bihar is an eastern state of the Republic of India. It is the thirteenth-largest state of India by area and third-largest by population. On 15 November 2000 Jharkhand get separated from Bihar became a new neighbourhood state of Bihar. In this post, we will know about Bihar state symbols such as animal, bird, flower, tree, etc.

Bihar State Symbols: State Animal, Bird, Flower, And Tree

After its creation, Bihar also declared its state symbols. The following are the Bihar state symbols.

State Animal Of Bihar: Gaur

State Animal Of Bihar - Gaur

Guar is a Bihar state animal. It is also called an India Bison and found in south and southeast Asia. Gaur lives in evergreen forests or semi-evergreen forests in a small herd.

They have a huge head, deep massive body, and sturdy limbs, Gaur is the largest species among the wild cattle. In Malaysia, it is known by Seladang and in Myanmar Pyaung. It is also known by Gayal (Bos frontalis) or Mithun.

  • Scientific Name of Gaur is Bos gaurus

State Bird Of Bihar: House Sparrow

State Bird Of Bihar - House Sparrow

Image source: Wikipedia

House Sparrow is the state bird of Bihar. It is not restricted to any particular area; house Sparrow is found in most parts of the world. It the most widely distributed wild bird in the world.

The House Sparrow is a small bird that is typically around 16 cm long. Male Sparrow has a brighter black, white and brown while female coloured pale brown and grey.

It can be seen in many regions such as Europe, a large part of Asia, Australasia, Africa, and the Americas.

  • Scientific Name of The Human Sparrow is Passer domesticus

State Flower Of Bihar: Kachnar

Kachnar (Orchid Tree) is a state flower of Bihar

Kachnar (Orchid Tree) is a state flower of Bihar. It is found to an area from China through Southeast Asia to the Indian subcontinent. Kachnar is a small and medium-sized beautiful flowering tree. The flower has five petals in colours of conspicuous, bright pink or white.

  • Scientific Name of Kachnar (Orchid Tree) is Bauhinia variegata

State Tree Of Bihar: A Sacred Fig

Sacred Fig is a state tree of Bihar

Sacred Fig is a state tree of Bihar. It is widely found in the Indian subcontinent. In India and Nepal, it is known by Bodhi Tree, the Pipal Tree, Peepul Tree or Ashwattha Tree. In India subcontinent, the Sacred Fig has a religious significance.

Hinduism and Jainism believe this is a sacred tree and often do meditation under the tree. In Buddism, it is a belief that Gautama Buddha had attained enlightenment under the Sacred Fig tree.

  • Scientific Name of Sacred Fig is Ficus religiosa

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